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Suggest discussing these at your next staff meetings . . .

  • DON’T make a business call unless there is a good reason for it
  • If you dial a wrong number, DO make a sincere apology instead of just hanging up
  • DO think about your diction and the quality of your voice when you begin to speak over the telephone
  • DO get to the point on a business call and be brief – most of us do not have the time to chit-chat
  • DON’T remain totally silent when the other person continues to speak.  Make some type of conversational response, even if it is “yes” or “I agree”
  • DON’T eat, drink or chew gum while on the telephone – sounds are magnified and it may subliminally tell the caller you are not paying attention
  • When you are talking on the telephone, DO give the caller your full attention
  • DON’T make side remarks to a co-worker when you are on the telephone with a customer
  • When you have a visitor in your cube or office, DON’T take any calls unless they are genuinely urgent
  • When you have a visitor in your cube or office, DON’T continue to look at your monitor for emails or your cell for emails or texts
  • If you are visiting someone in their cube or office and an urgent call interrupts them, DO offer to leave
  • DON’T cough or clear your throat on the telephone
  • DO end your conversations on a pleasant note
  • When transferring calls, DO give the caller an explanation as to why and the name of the person and extension you are transferring to

This week’s question for your employees – What should we add to this list?

Thank you for reading and sharing!

Warmest regards,

Laura Sikorski – Independent Call Center Consultant



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