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Omni-Channel is when your company, via appropriate technology, provides the same experience for your customers on the channel/method of their choice.

More simply put, the same brand information, policies and procedures are followed by your staff or displayed on your website, FAQs or mobile app.

View “omni-channel” through the eyes of your customer and “think like a customer” when you are developing your channels:

  • Orchestrate the process so that it is seamless, consistent and integrated with your front/back office systems
  • Realize and anticipate that customers may start off in one channel and move to another during resolution
  • Be sure any hand-off/transfer is easy and without the need for a customer to repeat why they contacted you

What is a great “omni” experience:

  • Knowing who your customers are
    • Interaction and channel type history
    • Products/services they purchase
    • Problems/Issues they have had in the past
  • Showing your customers they are valued by
    • Personalized offers
    • Rewards
    • Treatment
    • Pro-active contact BEFORE they know there is an issue

My advice, be sure you have a customer journey map for every customer interaction in every channel.

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SIKORSKI’S THINK ABOUTS BLOG 11/9/14 – CX and Key Technology Drivers


In my opinion, key drivers for providing a great customer experience are “The Cloud” and “Front/Back Office integration.”

What should you be doing about The Cloud?  IF you are planning to upgrade your technology, my advice seriously investigate this option.

The result . . .

  • Operating vs.Capital expense
  • —You can focus on your business
  • —Improved reliability
  • —Increased flexibility
  • —Improved CX
    • —Outdated systems
    • —Incremental upgrades
    • —Vendors better at multi-channel
    • —Greater adoption of self-service applications

Why should you consider Front/Back Office integration?

  • —Common customer identifier
  • —Key operational databases must flag and communicate process failures
  • —Website must be reoriented to balance education and support with traditional marketing and sales archives
  • —Proactive communication is vital
  • —Setting the proper CX will enhance long-term loyalty

The result . . .

Technology working with service can get support from finance, marketing and quality departments to invest in proactive CX initiatives

  • —Prevents customer problems which will increase loyalty
  • —Marketing will be able to use integrated CRM, surveys and operational data to manage word of mouth and web
  • —CRM technology tied to operational databases will allow you to anticipate customers’ problems
  • —Marketing and sales will be able to set proper customer expectations

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SIKORSKI’S THINK ABOUTS Blog 10/20/14: CX and Technology


Traditional customer touchpoints

  • Marketing Literature
  • Letters
  • Appointment Cards
  • Comment Cards
  • Invoices/Statements
  • Surveys

Technology customer touchpoint channels that should interact with your call/contact center

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Internet (appointments, orders, products/services knowledge, etc.)
  • IVR (routing, informational menu’s and self-service)
  • SMS (outbound texting, inbound texting to toll-free service)
  • Social Media (reviewing, answering)
  • Web Chat
  • Mobile
  • Speech self-service
  • Video

Technology contributes to CX by increasing customer expectations

  • —Welcome messages/programs via
    • —Emails, videos, new user portals, websites
  • —Education
    • —How to get more from a product feature
  • —Warning of problems
    • —Communicate failures
  • —Confirming delivery
    • —Eliminates unnecessary interactions
  • —Help Desk services
    • —Route with a screen-pop of where the customer experienced the problem

Please do not hesitate to comment if you have other ways that technology has contributed to satisfying your customers.

Laura Sikorski



What is CX Management?

Multifaceted approach to:

  • —  Become more customer driven
  • —  Increase customer loyalty
  • —  Ultimately improve business performance

Use technology to:

  • —  Integrate departments and functions
  • —  Manage and measure the entire relationship
  • —  Include all functions from initial contact to delivery

Your customers should get accurate and courteous services from the first person they interact with without needing to contact or be transferred to anyone else and they expect:

  • Personalized service
  • To do business at any time and on their terms
  • Raised standards of service
  • Product innovation
  • Customer intimacy
  • Operational excellence

Your staff should have quick access to information and the authority to make decisions so that they can address your customers needs and concerns.

Sikorski’s Think Abouts BLOG 9/28/14: Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

Customer Service (CS) is what you do for your customers at a specific time to help with an issue

  • —Poor CS almost guarantees that the next time your customer has a need, they’ll look elsewhere

Customer Experience (CX) is how your customers feel about you and your brand (Service and Products)

  • —Really helping customers and delivering a positive experience will create customer loyalty
  • —It costs 7 times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing customer

Every industry is now realizing that customers are becoming more and more dissatisfied due to:

  • Inconsistent cross-channel experiences
  • Reactive rather than proactive CS
  • One-size-fits all mentality
  • Inefficient technology interactions
  • Lack of easy access to a “human”

My advice, “Think like a Customer” when developing/updating customer programs and services, websites, FAQs and voice recorded self-service Press “x” options.

Leadership + Empowerment = Great Customer Experience


We discussed: Remembering Your Journey, Tenets, What Should You Be, How to Create a New Leader, What Is Empowerment, How Do You Start Empowering Your Staff and How Empowerment Motivates.  Our “Ask Laura” question was about motivating senior staff.  The voice and video may be out of sync on your computer and for that we apologize.  Next week our guest is Mike Conti, Call Center Technologist.  We will be discussing technology solutions that you should be “thinking about” to satisfy your customers.  Thank you for watching and sharing!  L