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For me . . . the most exciting evolution in Call/Contact Center technology is speech analytics and here is why:

  • Fine tuned to the point where if a certain word is used the interaction is recorded
  • Identifies the emotion in the voice
  • Converts voice to text
  • Searchable data
  • Sends real-time alerts to supervisors
  • Monitors the entire customer experience
  • Unlocks the information buried in customer conversation

Applying speech analytics enables you to focus on key issues that matter most.

You can drill down to the root causes of customer and agent issues and concentrate on problems that impact company wide performance.

Speech analytics is a powerful tool and should  be used to place customer needs front and center:

  • Improve processes
  • Empower agents
  • Identify
    •   Service issues
    •   Trends
    •   Product needs
    •   Product problems
    •   Strategies

This week’s question for your employees – Explain speech analytics, ask how they feel about this technology and how would it benefit your company?

Thank you for reading and sharing!

Warmest regards,

Laura Sikorski – Independent Call Center Consultant



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The measurement process should take into account all customer interactions – Voice, Email, Chat, Social Media, ++.

Side-By-Side Monitoring

  • Sitting next to the Agent & “Double Jacking” into the telephone set
  • Provides: “On the spot” coaching and guidance

Silent Monitoring

  • Access an interaction in process to listen/view both sides of the conversation without agent or caller knowledge
  • ALWAYS record interactions that you are silent monitoring to develop an improvement plan or disciplinary action

Real-Time Monitoring including Speech Analytics

  • Alert
  • Record
  • Instant Message
  • Speak to agent without callers knowledge to offer advice
  • Join Conversation
  • Walk Over to the Agent

Voice Recording

  • Can be all interactions or random (specific number per agent)
  • Allows the agent and analyst/supervisor to listen/view together and score independently

Screen Capture Recording

  • Navigation through your host system
  • Appropriate notes
  • Accessing the right information to help the customer

This week’s question for your employees – Which monitoring measurement process does your staff like the best?

Thank you for reading and sharing!

Warmest regards,

Laura Sikorski – Independent Call Center Consultant



WebTV Show Video Archives  http://thedailyblu.com/video/video/search?q=sikorski%27s+think+abouts



Our recent WebTV show on The Daily Blu was about “Empathy in the Workplace.” It really hit home for many of our viewers http://tinyurl.com/nt57rcj

Our guest was Deidre Siegel, Founder and CEO of PEAR™ Core Solutions located in Woodbury, NY.

Excellent information on why “empathy” is an important trait for senior level executives, middle management and organizational teams.

Here are the questions Deidre answered:

  • —Why do we care about empathy in the workplace?
  • —How does low empathy impact your team and your profits?
  • —How do you know if your company has low empathy levels?
  • —What can we do to boost empathy?

Do hope you will consider some of these great “Think Abouts” for discussion at your next management meeting:

  • —Mentor your staff
  • —Provide clear career paths
  • —Educate by continuous training and outside seminars
  • —Walk the workfloor
  • —Recognize that your staff is your greatest asset

Our twitter question was “I have a valued senior employee who just isn’t happy at work anymore.  He is always negative and his attitude is starting to rub-off on others.  Any advice on what I can do?”  Deidre was spot on with her advice!

Thanks for sharing our blog . . .


SIKORSKI’S THINK ABOUTS Blog 10/20/14: CX and Technology


Traditional customer touchpoints

  • Marketing Literature
  • Letters
  • Appointment Cards
  • Comment Cards
  • Invoices/Statements
  • Surveys

Technology customer touchpoint channels that should interact with your call/contact center

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Internet (appointments, orders, products/services knowledge, etc.)
  • IVR (routing, informational menu’s and self-service)
  • SMS (outbound texting, inbound texting to toll-free service)
  • Social Media (reviewing, answering)
  • Web Chat
  • Mobile
  • Speech self-service
  • Video

Technology contributes to CX by increasing customer expectations

  • —Welcome messages/programs via
    • —Emails, videos, new user portals, websites
  • —Education
    • —How to get more from a product feature
  • —Warning of problems
    • —Communicate failures
  • —Confirming delivery
    • —Eliminates unnecessary interactions
  • —Help Desk services
    • —Route with a screen-pop of where the customer experienced the problem

Please do not hesitate to comment if you have other ways that technology has contributed to satisfying your customers.

Laura Sikorski

Sikorski’s Think Abouts BLOG 9/28/14: Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

Customer Service (CS) is what you do for your customers at a specific time to help with an issue

  • —Poor CS almost guarantees that the next time your customer has a need, they’ll look elsewhere

Customer Experience (CX) is how your customers feel about you and your brand (Service and Products)

  • —Really helping customers and delivering a positive experience will create customer loyalty
  • —It costs 7 times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing customer

Every industry is now realizing that customers are becoming more and more dissatisfied due to:

  • Inconsistent cross-channel experiences
  • Reactive rather than proactive CS
  • One-size-fits all mentality
  • Inefficient technology interactions
  • Lack of easy access to a “human”

My advice, “Think like a Customer” when developing/updating customer programs and services, websites, FAQs and voice recorded self-service Press “x” options.

Leadership + Empowerment = Great Customer Experience


We discussed: Remembering Your Journey, Tenets, What Should You Be, How to Create a New Leader, What Is Empowerment, How Do You Start Empowering Your Staff and How Empowerment Motivates.  Our “Ask Laura” question was about motivating senior staff.  The voice and video may be out of sync on your computer and for that we apologize.  Next week our guest is Mike Conti, Call Center Technologist.  We will be discussing technology solutions that you should be “thinking about” to satisfy your customers.  Thank you for watching and sharing!  L