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Here is the 13th of my series on “Back to Telephone Basics” to share with your staff.

One of the biggest irritations is being put on hold and forgotten.

This happens . . .

  • ŸBy accident
  • ŸThrough carelessness
  • ŸThrough incompetence

ŸWhen placing callers on hold you must service the caller every 30 seconds to reassure them that they have not been forgotten.  As reminder, when placing a caller on hold . . . Think Like a Customer.  How do you feel when you are placed on hold and the representative doesn’t get back to you!

Use the hold button when you need to ask a question.

Putting your fingers over the handset or headset mic can lead to embarrassing situations.

What do callers do on hold . . .

  • “I counted the songs I heard.  There were 4.”
  • “I didn’t think about anything – I just hung up.  My time is valuable. 
  • “I read emails.  I seem to get most of my reading done on hold.”

This week’s question for your employees – Why do we place our customers on hold and do we need to update any of our processes or systems?

Thank you for reading and sharing!

Warmest regards,

Laura Sikorski – Independent Call Center Consultant


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