BLOG SIKORSKI’S THINK ABOUTS – VOICE CHANNEL: Back to Telephone Basics for your staff #4

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Here is the 4th of my series on “Back to Telephone Basics” to share with your staff.

Always LISTEN for the caller’s name and use it during your call.

Next, you need to begin to “control the call” to keep the caller focused on what you both need to complete the interaction.

Use polite conversation and if you have to interrupt, say you are sorry.

You should gently interrupt the caller, then paraphrase the essential points the caller was making.  Yes, sometimes callers become too chatty, begin providing irrelevant information or repeat themselves and it is your responsibility to help them stay on point.

Never make loud noises, cough into you handset or headset mic and always be sure the caller has disconnected before making any type of sounds or comments to your co-workers.

If you need to discuss a situation with a co-worker, use the HOLD button.  Do not just cover the handset or mic.

Next week, we will focus on the words and phrases that will help you “control the call.”

This week’s question for your employees – What do customers find confusing about our policies?

Thank you for reading and sharing!

Warmest regards,

Laura Sikorski – Independent Call Center Consultant


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