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Omni-Channel is when your company, via appropriate technology, provides the same experience for your customers on the channel/method of their choice.

More simply put, the same brand information, policies and procedures are followed by your staff or displayed on your website, FAQs or mobile app.

View “omni-channel” through the eyes of your customer and “think like a customer” when you are developing your channels:

  • Orchestrate the process so that it is seamless, consistent and integrated with your front/back office systems
  • Realize and anticipate that customers may start off in one channel and move to another during resolution
  • Be sure any hand-off/transfer is easy and without the need for a customer to repeat why they contacted you

What is a great “omni” experience:

  • Knowing who your customers are
    • Interaction and channel type history
    • Products/services they purchase
    • Problems/Issues they have had in the past
  • Showing your customers they are valued by
    • Personalized offers
    • Rewards
    • Treatment
    • Pro-active contact BEFORE they know there is an issue

My advice, be sure you have a customer journey map for every customer interaction in every channel.

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