SIKORSKI’S THINK ABOUTS BLOG 11/9/14 – CX and Key Technology Drivers


In my opinion, key drivers for providing a great customer experience are “The Cloud” and “Front/Back Office integration.”

What should you be doing about The Cloud?  IF you are planning to upgrade your technology, my advice seriously investigate this option.

The result . . .

  • Operating vs.Capital expense
  • —You can focus on your business
  • —Improved reliability
  • —Increased flexibility
  • —Improved CX
    • —Outdated systems
    • —Incremental upgrades
    • —Vendors better at multi-channel
    • —Greater adoption of self-service applications

Why should you consider Front/Back Office integration?

  • —Common customer identifier
  • —Key operational databases must flag and communicate process failures
  • —Website must be reoriented to balance education and support with traditional marketing and sales archives
  • —Proactive communication is vital
  • —Setting the proper CX will enhance long-term loyalty

The result . . .

Technology working with service can get support from finance, marketing and quality departments to invest in proactive CX initiatives

  • —Prevents customer problems which will increase loyalty
  • —Marketing will be able to use integrated CRM, surveys and operational data to manage word of mouth and web
  • —CRM technology tied to operational databases will allow you to anticipate customers’ problems
  • —Marketing and sales will be able to set proper customer expectations

Thank you for reading and sharing . . .



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