Sikorski’s Think Abouts BLOG 9/28/14: Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

Customer Service (CS) is what you do for your customers at a specific time to help with an issue

  • —Poor CS almost guarantees that the next time your customer has a need, they’ll look elsewhere

Customer Experience (CX) is how your customers feel about you and your brand (Service and Products)

  • —Really helping customers and delivering a positive experience will create customer loyalty
  • —It costs 7 times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing customer

Every industry is now realizing that customers are becoming more and more dissatisfied due to:

  • Inconsistent cross-channel experiences
  • Reactive rather than proactive CS
  • One-size-fits all mentality
  • Inefficient technology interactions
  • Lack of easy access to a “human”

My advice, “Think like a Customer” when developing/updating customer programs and services, websites, FAQs and voice recorded self-service Press “x” options.


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